Integrated solution

Based on our core electrolyzer, our solution will be integrated in container-sized modular systems to allow for the controlled capture and treatment of industrial CO2-containing exhausts. The individual cells of the electrolyzer have the potential to transform >80 kg of CO2 per m² each day and through stacking these cells a single container will be able to convert several tonnes of CO2 each day.

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The electrolyser

  1. The stack consists of bipolar plates that feed electricity, carbon dioxide and water to the catalyst-loaded membrane electrode assembly.
  2. The membrane electrode assembly contains our proprietary technology that converts carbon dioxide into valuable chemical feedstocks.
  3. The stack then allows products to be released from the membrane electrode assembly and collected.

the Membrane Electrode Assembly

  1. The membrane electrode assembly consists of a membrane and two electrodes.
  2. One electrode undertakes the conversion of carbon dioxide while another produces oxygen.
  3. The central membrane mitigates the charge and controls the catalytic environment.

CO2 is now becoming

Captured at the source, CO2 is prevented from reaching the atmosphere, allowing industries to operate without adding to climate change.
The captured CO2 is converted to valorize its carbon content. The conversion of CO2 will hence sit at the cross-roads of highly emitting industries and sustainable feedstocks and commodities. 
The  CO2 can then be converted into sustainable aviation fuel or other valuable feedstocks.
It can also form highly valuable commodities, used to make products such as pharmaceuticals and polymers.
The CO2-derived feedstock may also be used by an industry directly on site in replacement of its fossil-derived equivalent. 

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Sarah awarded the 2020 French Young Talents L’Oréal-UNESCO

Sarah and David awarded the 2020 i-Lab innovation award to found Dioxycle

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