The Team

CEO and Co-founder – Dr Sarah Lamaison

Sarah’s passions for the industry and environment drove her to focus her study at École Polytechnique (France) towards Greentech, with a double specialisation in Chemistry and Economics. After her Masters at the University of Cambridge, where she studied photosynthetic energy processes, she began her doctoral research at the Collège de France. After 2 years at the Laboratoire de Chimie des Processus Biologiques under the direction of Professor Fontecave she moved to the Jaramillo Lab at Stanford University. Between these two institutions she developed expertise in catalytic materials and cell engineering for the electrochemical reduction of CO2.
Her work and its potential global impact led her to receive the 2020 Young Talent  L’Oréal-UNESCO Prize for women in science. 

CTO and Co-founder – Dr David Wakerley

David’s passion for sustainable Chemistry led to an academic research career. Between 2012 and 2016, he undertook his PhD research at the University of Cambridge on the photochemical conversion of biomass to hydrogen, leading to a patent and publication in Nature Energy. David then obtained a Marie Curie Prestige fellowship to undertake post-doctoral studies at the College de France, where he applied his expertise to the development of systems for the reduction of CO2 into diverse chemical compounds. Here, he developed further patents and published a manuscript in Nature Materials, after which he received the Lindemann Trust Fellowship to pursue post-doctoral research at Stanford University. 
His expertise includes catalyst synthesis and their operation, as well as the use of bio-inspired organic species to improve the stability and efficiency of inexpensive catalysts.