Published: June 16 • 2022

Dioxycle discusses the role of CCU alongside Patrick Pouyanné, Alexis Reinaud and Ellen Moeller at VivaTech

At VivaTech last week, our CEO (Sarah Lamaison) had the opportunity to discuss the role of carbon capture and utilisation technologies in decarbonizing our society, alongside Ellen Moeller (Head of Europe at Watershed), Patrick Pouyanné (CEO at TotalEnergies) and Axel Reinaud (CEO at NetZero).

Our key takeaways from this discussion:
– Tech will not get us to net-zero alone
– Economies of scale for renewable energy generation will reduce the overall cost and green premium of CCU
– Customer willingness to pay for sustainable products is crucial to trigger a decrease in CCU costs
– The current energy crisis shows the importance of displacing fossil fuels

Watch it here: https://app.vivatechnology.com/onlinesession/d5c6df8d-5bea-ec11-b47a-281878354003