Hot science to cool the world

Recycling CO2 to
Chemical assets

Our technology

Building CO2 electrolysers that turn industrial emissions into valuable commodities

Dioxycle’s technological philosophy has grown straight out of the example set by photosynthetic life, which uses the low temperature, efficient conversion of carbon dioxide to produce sugars and metabolic fuels. At Dioxycle, we develop this idea to produce systems that turn industrial carbon dioxide into chemicals and fuels for a greener society.

Nature has proven
CO2 recycling is key
to a sustainable ecosystem

Our vision

CO2 electrolysis offers a route to
free us from crude oil dependence

For years, chemicals and fuels have been produced by refining crude oil, which when burned eventually releases CO2. The more oil extracted, the more CO2 that accumulates in our atmosphere.

At Dioxycle we provide the electrochemical blocks capable of converting CO2 back into useful feedstocks, called e-fuels and e-chemicals. Our vision is a new, cleaner world where CO2 feeds our society, instead of threatening our climate.

Our ethos

Our ethos is to fight climate change by bringing together new ideas, breakthrough science and a lot of passion.

Our technology sits at the heart of a world powered by green technology. The planet has treated us pretty well and it’s now time to reciprocate.

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Our story

How did we get here ?

Our team has been working on key technologies for electrochemical carbon dioxide conversion for over 5 years in the University of Cambridge (UK), Collège de France (France) and Stanford (US) before founding Dioxycle. By allying fundamental understanding to
systematic scale-up, we believe we are beginning to unlock the full potential of this field. The key steps in our adventure are shown below:


Our founders; Sarah Lamaison and David Wakerley, meet studying water electrolysis at the University of Cambridge.


Dioxycle’s catalytic technology development start a the Collège de France, Paris


The founders finish their research at Stanford University (and are inspired by many Silicon Valley start-ups)

End of 2020

Dioxycle is founded in Bordeaux, France - choice of France is notably driven by the low carbon impact of France’s electricity!


Our team doubles in size and work on our prototype begins!

The planet is heating up

(but fortunately so is our research).

Whether you are a researcher, climate activist or industrial actor, if you are interested in the potential of CO2 electrolysis please get in touch – we would love to discuss more!

Our Partners

Dioxycle has been made possible by the trust and support of institutional and industrial partners

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