Our Mission

Fight climate change with breakthrough science.

The world is built on carbon bonds derived from an ever-depleting supply of fossil fuels that in turn produces an ever-increasing level of CO₂. Both of these issues may be addressed at once by converting carbon-based emissions back into the things we use everyday. Dioxycle was built on this idea and, with breakthrough advances and a DIY attitude, we develop electricity-driven pathways that convert waste carbon emissions into critical feedstocks more cheaply than ever before. 

The heart of this solution is Dioxycle’s electrolyzer technology that tears apart carbon dioxide and rebuilds it into energy-rich and useful molecules. Such a process can reenergize and reuse carbon dioxide and unlocks pathways to 100% sustainable fuels or 100% sustainable everyday chemicals, with no further accumulation of CO₂ in the atmosphere.

The team is uniquely positioned to develop and optimize this electrolyzer thanks to their unparalleled grasp of the required scientific and engineering innovations. The company combines 25 years of expertise in fuel cell technology with decades of combined experience in carbon dioxide chemistry, battery science and material science, in a group comprised of 80% PhDs and 8 nationalities. The result is an accelerated rate of technological scale up with continuous improvements to conversion efficiency.

Efficiency and scale are the company’s watchwords; Dioxycle’s plan is to ultimately recycle over 600 megatonnes of carbon dioxide each year and the larger and more energy efficient our process is, the faster we’ll get there.

This philosophy is now in practice in both of Dioxycle’s entities, based in Paris, France and the Bay Area, California. See our Career page for job openings.


Dr. Fanny Bétermier
Chemical Engineer (Paris)

I grew up in Paris suburb (Bourg-la-Reine) and I lived in France and Australia.

I graduated from Centrale Paris (Biotech Engineering) and also completed a Master in Organic Chemistry of Université Paris Saclay.

Prior to Dioxycle, I did a PhD in Batteries at Collège de France and worked on how we could mimic self-healing mechanisms from nature to extend batteries cycling lives. That is when something clicked and I got convinced that chemistry could play a major role in the energy transition.

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Arthur Chassande
Electronic Engineer (Paris)

I was born in Lyon and lived for 19 years in Bordeaux. I decided to move to Valence and Saint Etienne to follow courses at “Mines de Saint Etienne” engineering school. And here I am. Prior to Dioxycle, I worked for Safran Electronics and Defense as part of my apprenticeship program. My role was to design printed circuit boards for avionic power supply prototypes.

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Dr. Joachim Delannoy
R&D Engineer (Paris)

Born surrounded by cliffs and snow (in the French Alpes), I spent there my firsts 20 years with huge difficulties to manage my time between physics and skiing.

I did my bachelor degree at Ecole Polytechnique, with a specialization in fluid-structure interactions from McGill in Montreal. Then pursued my studies in Paris with a PhD dedicated to soft matter physics to understand wetting phenomena such as the unusual mechanism of hummingbirds’ tongues.

Prior to Dioxycle, I worked for General Electrics on hydraulic turbines, first as a design engineer and then as a product manager.

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Dr. Bastien Faure
Head of Systems (Paris)

Native from Montpellier, I lived in Costa Rica, France and Canada.

I am an engineer with a diploma from Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseau) and a double graduation from Polytechnique Montreal.

Prior to Dioxycle, I did a PhD in nuclear reactor physics on the simulation of sodium cooled nuclear reactors. I also worked one year as a researcher at CEA on Small Modular (nuclear) Reactors and Molten Salt Reactors.

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Dr. Thomas Horton
Chemical Engineer (Paris)

I grew up in Aylesbury, UK, before moving to the University of Bristol to complete my undergraduate and masters studies in Chemistry.

Prior to Dioxycle, I worked with a sustainability consultancy, looking to improve the circularity of composite materials. I then studied for my PhD in polymer science at the University of Manchester, focusing on the synthesis and application of functional polymers in CO2 capture and catalysis.

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Dr. Martin Kientz
Research Engineer (Paris)

I grew up in Versailles and lived in Australia and in Denmark.

I am a R&D Engineer with a Master in Electrochemistry from Paris Diderot and a PhD in photoreduction of CO2 from Paris Diderot as well.

Prior to Dioxycle, I worked for Aveni, a startup working on electrodeposition of copper on semi-conductor as a R&D engineer. Prior to Aveni, I did a PhD in the LEM laboratory from Paris Diderot university where I worked on photoreduction of CO2 to methane using iron based molecules. And here I am!

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Dr. Sarah Lamaison

I was born and raised in le Pays basque south west of France and had the chance to live in France, the United States and England.

I graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and the University of Cambridge with a degree in chemistry, physics and mathematics. I then pursued a PhD between Collège de France and Stanford University and postdoctoral research at Stanford University.

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Jackie Liu
Dr. Jackie Liu
Chemical Engineer (Paris)

I grew up in ShanXi Province located in mid-north of China and moved to Shanghai for my undergraduate study. After which I moved to London to pursue a PhD at Queen Mary, University of London majoring in Materials Science. Then I further did my postdoctoral research at University of Florida in the Department of Biomedical Engineering before joining Dioxycle at a Chemical Engineer.

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Jonathan Maistrello
Process Engineer (Paris)

I grew up near Clermont-Ferrand in a small town and lived all around France (Toulouse, Paris, Lyon).

I am a process engineer with a Master in Energy and Process from IFP School. Prior to Dioxycle, I worked for almost 6 years at CRIGEN which is the research and innovation center of ENGIE. I was dedicated to production and treatment of green gases as biogas, biomethane, hydrogen or syngas. I especially worked on pyrogasification and methanation processes and also on H2S removal. And now here I am!

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Dr. Edward Malins
Head of Polymers (Paris)

I grew up in a leafy corner of rural Cambridgeshire before moving to the relatively built-up area of Warwick University to get my BSc in chemistry.

After that I spent two more years at Warwick University and then two years at Queen Mary University of London to get myself a PhD in polymer chemistry. My PhD was focused on the synthesis of new polymeric fuel additives.

Prior to Dioxycle, I worked for 5 years in the oil and gas industry. Here I designed new polymers and formulations to try and increase the efficiency of oil wells, because the world just can’t get enough oil.

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Dr. Rain Mariano
Research Team Lead (Bay Area, CA)

I grew up in a small town in the northern Philippines, and have lived in the US and the Philippines. My background is in electrochemistry and materials science. I completed my BS in Chemistry at UT Dallas and obtained my PhD in Chemistry at Stanford, focused on electrolysis.

Before Dioxycle, I worked at MIT, where I worked on H2O2 electrosynthesis from air, metal-organic frameworks, and taught electrochemistry to undergrads!

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Maud Njetein
Executive Assistant (Paris)

I was born in Miami, FL, and raised in the suburbs of Paris.

I studied French and American Law, and have a Masters degree in International Law (public & private Law).

I worked for about 9 years in an international Law firm in Paris, specialized in Intellectual Property (in the movie business). With my family we decided to move away from Paris, and went south! I then worked for a year and a half in a debt recovery firm (less glamorous) ... and here I am!

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Dr. Adnan Ozden
R&D Electrochemical Engineer (Bay Area, CA)

I grew up in Bursa, Turkey and had the chance to live in Turkey, Canada and France.

My background is in electrochemical systems with a focus on electrocatalysis, system design, and process engineering. I received my BS in Mechanical Engineering from Dokuz Eylul University. I then moved to Canada, where I did my MSc in Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering at University of Waterloo and my PhD in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at University of Toronto.
During my PhD and postdoc at University of Toronto, I focused on development of energy- and carbon-efficient CO2/CO electrolysis systems.

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Dr. Josh Rabinowitz
R&D Chemical Engineer (Bay Area, CA)

I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico and have lived in the San Francisco Bay area for the last 5 years.

I received my BS in Chemistry from Arizona State University, and my PhD in chemistry from Stanford.

Prior to Dioxycle, I worked in Matthew Kanan’s group at Stanford working on catalyst layer design for CO reduction gas diffusion electrolysis and carbonate management for CO2 reduction.

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Dr. Luc Rouveyre
Head of Stacks (Paris)

I was born and raised in Paris and raised between Paris and Soulac-sur-Mer. I have always had a passion for the ocean which has turned into a need to protect the environment.

I obtained a Master’s degree in Engineering from Arts et Métiers ParisTech, and a PhD in fuel cells from École des Mines de Paris. Prior to DIOXYCLE, I was the CTO and co-founder of Symbio, a french fuel cell leader, where I have worked fro more than 12 years.

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Octave van den Bosch
Business Analyst (Paris)

I am belgian grew up in Bruxelles and Paris and have lived in France, Canada and Colombia in the last decade.

With regards to my academic background, I’ve studied finance and sustainability at McGill university. In despair of the lack of scientific comprehension of investors, I have decided to undertake a master in physics of decarbonization technologies at Ecole Polytechnique.

Prior to Dioxycle, I worked in a VC called Active Impact Investments that invests in early-stage climate tech, and at EY in renewable energy M&A.

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Dr. Gaëtan Vignoud
Physics and Data Scientist (Paris)

I grew up in Lyon, south-east of France (cooking and food world capital) and have lived in Paris for the past decade.

I am a scientist with a PhD in Mathematics from Sorbonne Université, but I have mainly been working at the interface between mathematics, physics, informatics and biology for the last 8 years.

Prior to Dioxycle, I worked as a PhD student in INRIA Paris and CIRB (Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Biology) at Collège de France. I studied the influence of synaptic plasticity (basically how we store memories in our brain) on neuronal networks, using mathematical and physics tools. After this long journey, I decided to apply my skills to more practical subjects, in particular to fighting global warming .... and here I am.

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Dr. David Wakerley

I grew up in Nottingham, UK and when I was very young I decided that I didn’t like pollution. I studied clean energy technology for the last 10 years between the University of Cambridge, College de France and Stanford University and now at Dioxycle.

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Academic Prizes, Innovation Awards, and Grants