At Dioxycle, we are committed to growing our diverse team with bold scientists and forward-thinking industrial experts.

Above all, we are excited to share our entrepreneurial journey with inspiring individuals who want to have a positive impact on the environment

Who we are

Among the mottos and phrases that (we hope)
define us best, are:

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    Genuinely passionate

    We stand for transparent science for progress to win the race against climate change – which for us is the most important race to win right now.

  • 02

    Wild experimentalists

    We love bold experiments; we believe putting wild ideas to the test is the key to the biggest breakthroughs.

  • 03

    Fast movers

    Business- or science-wise, we like to innovate, test, fail (sometimes spectacularly), iterate and improve as fast as possible.

  • 04

    Supportive teammates

    We are a team. We support each other both when things go well and when things go wrong.

Testimonies from our team

Bastien Faure
R&D engineer

“I believe the world we live in is the world we build. Every day, I use my skills, knowledge and ideas to build real-life solutions to recycle CO2 at a large scale. And it is nice to know that my energy is used to fight global warming and to make the world a better place.”

Edward Malins
R&D engineer

“Creating new molecules to tackle today’s problems has always been my ambition. At Dioxycle I am given the freedom to design new experiments, test my ideas, and adjust my strategy until I find the solution. I am very proud to work for company that is at the forefront of creating a world that is more sustainable. Our work always feels important, and it is exciting to know that my discoveries will have a tangible benefit on the future.”

Our open positions

Join our expanding team

  • Senior Chemical Scientist
    Bordeaux • Full-time
  • Senior Data/physics modelling Scientist
    Bordeaux/Remote friendly • Full-time
  • Senior Material Scientist
    Bordeaux • Full-time
  • Business Analyst/Developer
    Bordeaux/Remote friendly • Full-time
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